2005 B7 Audi A4


Mods: Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve, Custom Cold Air Intake, Full Custom Catless Exhaust, Avant Garde M310 wheels, Solowerks Coilovers, Custom Retrofitted headlights by Kayla Anne, DTM OEM body kit conversion (in progress)

The A4 platform that reminded the crowd what Audi is all about. The B7 platform was of all the A4 platforms the best. The most power and most durability of its time. Still personally my favorite too, I've seen driven the others, the B7 really does take the cake. It was somewhat of research and seeing this car that convinced me this is what I want from Audi. I would've loved to have the RS4 version, but that was a difficult opportunity to find and get. So I decided to play with the 4 cylinder 2.0TFSi motor. Definitely not a bad motor like some people seem to claim.

This is my first car, my pride and joy, and my girl pretty much. I've had the car for four years now and really just could not imagine not having it. Honestly, I'm extremely attached to my car, every modification for this car, I have busted my rear-end for, the whole thing has been a slow process. A lot of changes are coming int he future for it, so stayed tuned.