2017 Audi S8+ Talladega R

built by MTM USA


Too much.

The Audi S8+ Talladega R has a twin turbo V8 with the turbos in between the V. How much power does it make? 802PS. 

Ever thought that you can't have too much power? Well you can. This car has way too much power and you don't need it. Yet this a car that I would need a lot of convincing to sell. We are talking about a luxury car with massaging seats that can go 200MPH. How can you not love it? Its excessive and thats why its so good. It is pointless, it is too fast for a car of this kind. Yet overtime you drive it you get goose pumps. The exhaust is loud and back fires like there is no tomorrow. You let off the gas and it sounds like gunshots from a desert eagle. People look at it and go what the F#%K and then you take off and they are left speechless because you were there a second and then weren't there and people are left wondering what just happened. The answer to that? Talladega R. 

by: Jose Cortez