2017 Mercedes Benz AMG C63 Cabriolet - SOLD


Almost perfect.

Twin Tubo V8. Having owned the last generation 6.2L V8 C63 Coupe this car seem a little dull, and quiet. It has the power but it seems more methodical in its approach it feels more engineered and less put together by some drunk engineers. Its no longer the ideal of putting the biggest engine in the smallest car. Its engineered to have this engine and drive train. However I say all of this first because after you put the top down its perfect. 

Put in S+ and the transmission in M. Pull the top down lever, and put on some sunglasses. Thats what this car does the best, its animal it can light up its rear tires at a moments notice, the transmission is light years ahead of the last generation. Down shift and hear the engineered crackles on the downshifts. It is so perfect at being a top down sportscar, that it doesn't feel AMG anymore. It feels like an M car when they were good. Overall good job AMG at building a car that is so much better built and engineered. This is the top down sportscar that makes the M4 look dull. Its perfect, except for the fact that it wears an AMG badge. 

by: Jose Cortez