2017 AUDI RS3


5 Cylinder?

The Audi RS3, is powered by a the famous Audi 5 Cylinder Engine. When I had to replace my 2013 C63 AMG after a catastrophic mechanical failure, I found my self looking at cars like the new S5 Sportback or an S4. Then the allocation for a 2017 RS3 became available, and I had to jump on it. Although the S4/S5 were both great cars with amazing performance, I knew that the RS3 should be crazy (for Audi). I was right it had so much more charisma and power, it handled better and more on its toes, that the other cars I was considering. It delivered on all of this while maintaining comfort and ease of use, you expect from an Audi. Yes I could have gotten a GT350, and had a better performing car, but its my daily car. I commute at least 50 miles a day, and the RS3 was the perfect compromise for practicality, performance, and comfort.

by Jose Cortez