European Experience 2018 | Savannah, GA by Adam Sheikh

Each year, European car enthusiasts from all over descend upon Savannah, Georgia for a massive show weekend known as The European Experience.  EuEx for short, the show is an evolution of Southern Wörthersee (SoWo), which started as a tribute to the original Wörtherseetreffen that takes place in Austria every year.

Last year, Orlando and I attended the show for the first time.  Hesitant to make the 450 mile drive in one of our cars, we opted to fly into Jacksonville before renting a Chevy Cruze and driving the rest of the way.  We had a great time for sure, but something was definitely missing from the overall experience.  With that in mind, I knew I had to return this year with my car.

As predicted, experiencing the show weekend in my own car added an entirely new dynamic to the whole trip.  Cruising Bay St with all the other VWs/Audis, driving through the historic district, going for a lap of the cobble stoned River St; it was all entirely more rewarding and memorable.  Perhaps the most enjoyable part was some late night photo scouting around the area, and taking advantage of the historic and unique backdrops that the city provides.  

All told, it was another great trip to an amazing city.  It was awesome to connect with friends, both new and old, over something we're all passionate about.  Of course, I took tons of photos - enjoy the gallery below.

--- Adam Sheikh

A Hideaway in Miami by Kayla Anne

Miami. A city that has different meanings for different people. Whether you’re a fan of the sand, people, and parties on Miami Beach; the ominous high-rises in Brickell, representing world-class business and real estate in a city of Vices; or maybe, you’re a rebel at heart and you call Miami Design District, or the wonderful atmosphere of Wynwood home, Miami inspires creativity, art, and individualism to blossom and prosper, free of charge. Our goal for the day was to take the MTM Audi S8 Talladega R, alongside the MTM Audi RS3 to various backdrops. Fortunately, these beasts showed that they have no trouble blending in, regardless of environment.

The day began at Jose's house to meet up and jump in the Audi's. From there, we headed down to Blue Bottle Coffee in Miami Design District, for breakfast. A recommendation to anyone who has not been there before. After grabbing breakfast, we went out to Miami Art District to see the Wynwood Walls to see the art and capture the cars with the walls. In Wynwood, artists use the walls as a canvas for their unique and creative work. Designs vary and are changing constantly. every building has something interesting or trending. Check out some of the work in the pictures below.

Next destination was under the McArthur Causeway Bridge for pictures with the Audi's and Aaron's Porsche GT4. Right there was a gorgeous view of the water and buildings combined. The water was absolutely beautiful. One of the most important things about Miami is how it is surrounded by beaches and water. Deep blue water with reflection of the sky contributing. 

Next stop, was dinner time. City Centre in Brickell. Basically, an out door mall with multiple floors of big name brand companies for mostly fashion and fancy restaurants. As per Jose's choice of a favorite place of his, we went to Casa Tua Cucina. A restaurant with multiple mini kitchens with different choices of food to choose from: bread, pasta, pizza, meat, deli, dessert. Pasta was the choice of the night.

The time had come to head back home. We took A1A through South Beach all the way back to Jose's. The night life on South Beach is what every one outside of South Florida hears about, the party side. So many different lights of all colours from all of the buildings. Many unique people walking along the restaurants and stores. You could smell the food of some of the restaurants, all of which, smelled amazing. All sorts of expensive, high model cars lined the street. The music changed as well passed each block; latin, hip-hop, rap was the most common genres. 

Find some images and a video from this day check bellow.

Eurotripper 6 Feb. 2 & 3, 2018 by Kayla Anne

One of the top three European car events to attend annually, this one takes the cake for me. I have attended to this show every year since 2013. The show that brought me to falling in love with European cars and the community. Eurotripper is one of my two favorite shows to be at annually; the gathering of the European enthusiast.

 Volkswagen's Setup next to Main Stage

Volkswagen's Setup next to Main Stage

This year was the capital of all six years; premiere of the new MK7 Volkswagen Jetta with the six generations along side, vendors that wrapped around the entire field, Mutts Nuts parking that just kept on coming in, enthusiasts from out-of-state, classic cars looking like brand new from the showroom, and so much more. The show was absolutely amazing in general. 

I arrived with Jose Friday afternoon to enjoy the BBQ that was hosted by UROTuning. The show was so far quiet but many arrived to see the stage and start getting some of their tents up so there was less to do in the morning (like us for MTM USA). They brought out Mission BBQ for the food of the night, which I say is a must try. 

Eurotripper morning, on Saturday, was a calm start. Jose and I were setting up tent and organizing the vehicles for presentation. Bit by bit, one vendor after the next were pulling in and getting their spaces situated. The field was filling up with vendors; UroTuning, APR Tuning, USP Motorsports, Forge Motorsports, Cloud 9 Automotive Brand, Dub Empire, MTM USA, ABT, and much more. Outside of the field, was the Mutts Nuts selected vehicles; already a line wrapping around the stadium with absolutely beautiful cars, new and old. The wide variety of vehicles was amazing. There was first generation VW buses and Karma Ghias to a brand new carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron and McLaren P1. Once the main gates opened, all of the other vehicles began coming in and quickly filling up the field on both sides of the Mutts Nuts parking area. 

 View of Main Stage

View of Main Stage

In the end, Eurotripper has always been the go to show to see that amazing atmosphere and gorgeous cars. Paul Barney has always done an outstanding job organizing this show. He makes it better every year. It hurts to know though, that this was the final year very likely for the show. Still not sure of the reason, but I will miss it. 

Written by Kayla Anne

Euro Tripper 6 Prep | #ET6Prep by Jose Cortez

Euro Tripper.  

Now going into its sixth year, it needs no introduction.  But for those who are out of the loop, Euro Tripper (ET for short) is a European-inspired show for charity that takes place every year at JetBlue park in Fort Myers. European car enthusiasts from all over descend upon Ft. Myers in a truly epic fashion.   

The weeks leading up to ET are always a race to the finish line: installing final mods, tweaking setups, and preparing the cars to be on display at the show.  Show goers have dubbed this period #ET6Prep.  This year, Adam and Kyle took part as they always do - this time with full details and paint corrections on their MK7 GTIs.

The first step was to strip off any existing coats of wax or sealant.  The chemical of choice was Adam's Polishes Strip Wash.  From there, the cars were decontaminated with IronX to remove iron particles and other fallout in the clear coats.  To further remove contaminants, the cars were then clayed.  With a fresh, bare paint surface, it was time to remove the imperfections with a single step polish and random orbital polisher.  Adam's Polishes' One Step Polish and Swirl Killer combo worked amazingly to produce a mirror-like finish ready for a top coat of sealant.  To bring out an intense depth and shine, Autoglym Extra Gloss protection was layered on top to lock in the stunning results.

And just like that, the cars are ready to make the journey over to Ft. Myers.  Just one final maintenance wash before the big day on Feb. 3rd.  

Stay tuned for more Euro Tripper coverage - SFLMK7 / SFLVW will be caravanning over to Ft. Myers the morning of the show.  Be sure to follow their coverage as well on Instagram at @SFLMK7.  

More info about Euro Tripper can be found here.  Tickets can be purchased here - be sure to help our Six Driven crew out by selecting SFL MK7 + SFL VW at checkout.  

See you at ET! 

--- Adam Sheikh


Jose got new wheels on his RS3 - 19" MTM USA Bimotos.  Catch it at Euro Tripper too, along with some other MTM-enhanced Audis.  

Shaken, not stirred. by Jose Cortez

Aston Martin DB11, the Bond car of the future. Having already had an experience with a DBS in the fast which is the same model the agent with a license to kill drove in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Bond has never even driven a DB11 on screen, however compared to the DBS we drove the DB11 feels like the Evolution of the DBS. Its faster, more comfortable, more luxurious, and for the first time ever in an Aston Martin the infotainment actually works (thanks to tech borrowed from Mercedes). 

So first things first, DBS sounds WAY better than DB11 however I mention this first because its thats the only thing the DBS does better than DB11.... 

No matter how you slice it, the DB11 is a better car. Finally we have an Aston Martin that works and can be used everyday. It has a good infotainment from a C class, it has an engine developed hand in hand with Mercedes AMG. This is the best Aston ever made, because its the first Aston you don't have to pray for it start every morning when you go to start it. 

Then there is the controversial design. Going to be brutally honesty, first time I saw pictures of a DB11, I asked my self how did Aston Martin F&*k this up so badly. However having a spent a day with one made me realize how futuristic and yet still classic Aston Martin the design is. It retains the class that all Aston Martins have. 

I also noticed something very amazing when we were driving through Miami, which is that unlike when you drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini some people look at you with face of envy, and disgust that you have so much money and need to show it off. However in an Aston people tend to look at you like a man who they admire because you drive a "gentlemen's" car. 

Moral of the story. I need 200k to buy a DB11 and im going to drive it everyday. 

Find images of this bellow, including shots of Adam's GTI, and the one picture of our amazing camera car I provided: Audi SQ5 Prestige. 

Jose Cortez

Club Coupe Adventures by Jose Cortez

Jose brought his illusive 911 Club Coupe GTS. So obviously we had to immortalize the day by taking some sweet shots around Miami. 

First stop of the day was Park Haus 1's Cars and Coffee. 

Then to be followed up by some shots around Miami's Design District

Then to be followed up by some shots through the Port of Miami Tunnel and underneath a bridge.

Overall, what an AMAZING day. We definitely cannot wait for the next time Jose wants to bring out his Club Coupe. 

11-12-17 Photoshoot. by Jose Cortez

We were, bored, had the cameras charged up, and had time to kill. So we made a mini photoshoot out of it. Here are the pics:

Adam's Photos:

Kyle's Photos:

Also find a small video edit done by Jose down bellow.