Shaken, not stirred. / by Jose Cortez

Aston Martin DB11, the Bond car of the future. Having already had an experience with a DBS in the fast which is the same model the agent with a license to kill drove in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Bond has never even driven a DB11 on screen, however compared to the DBS we drove the DB11 feels like the Evolution of the DBS. Its faster, more comfortable, more luxurious, and for the first time ever in an Aston Martin the infotainment actually works (thanks to tech borrowed from Mercedes). 

So first things first, DBS sounds WAY better than DB11 however I mention this first because its thats the only thing the DBS does better than DB11.... 

No matter how you slice it, the DB11 is a better car. Finally we have an Aston Martin that works and can be used everyday. It has a good infotainment from a C class, it has an engine developed hand in hand with Mercedes AMG. This is the best Aston ever made, because its the first Aston you don't have to pray for it start every morning when you go to start it. 

Then there is the controversial design. Going to be brutally honesty, first time I saw pictures of a DB11, I asked my self how did Aston Martin F&*k this up so badly. However having a spent a day with one made me realize how futuristic and yet still classic Aston Martin the design is. It retains the class that all Aston Martins have. 

I also noticed something very amazing when we were driving through Miami, which is that unlike when you drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini some people look at you with face of envy, and disgust that you have so much money and need to show it off. However in an Aston people tend to look at you like a man who they admire because you drive a "gentlemen's" car. 

Moral of the story. I need 200k to buy a DB11 and im going to drive it everyday. 

Find images of this bellow, including shots of Adam's GTI, and the one picture of our amazing camera car I provided: Audi SQ5 Prestige. 

Jose Cortez