Euro Tripper 6 Prep | #ET6Prep / by Jose Cortez

Euro Tripper.  

Now going into its sixth year, it needs no introduction.  But for those who are out of the loop, Euro Tripper (ET for short) is a European-inspired show for charity that takes place every year at JetBlue park in Fort Myers. European car enthusiasts from all over descend upon Ft. Myers in a truly epic fashion.   

The weeks leading up to ET are always a race to the finish line: installing final mods, tweaking setups, and preparing the cars to be on display at the show.  Show goers have dubbed this period #ET6Prep.  This year, Adam and Kyle took part as they always do - this time with full details and paint corrections on their MK7 GTIs.

The first step was to strip off any existing coats of wax or sealant.  The chemical of choice was Adam's Polishes Strip Wash.  From there, the cars were decontaminated with IronX to remove iron particles and other fallout in the clear coats.  To further remove contaminants, the cars were then clayed.  With a fresh, bare paint surface, it was time to remove the imperfections with a single step polish and random orbital polisher.  Adam's Polishes' One Step Polish and Swirl Killer combo worked amazingly to produce a mirror-like finish ready for a top coat of sealant.  To bring out an intense depth and shine, Autoglym Extra Gloss protection was layered on top to lock in the stunning results.

And just like that, the cars are ready to make the journey over to Ft. Myers.  Just one final maintenance wash before the big day on Feb. 3rd.  

Stay tuned for more Euro Tripper coverage - SFLMK7 / SFLVW will be caravanning over to Ft. Myers the morning of the show.  Be sure to follow their coverage as well on Instagram at @SFLMK7.  

More info about Euro Tripper can be found here.  Tickets can be purchased here - be sure to help our Six Driven crew out by selecting SFL MK7 + SFL VW at checkout.  

See you at ET! 

--- Adam Sheikh


Jose got new wheels on his RS3 - 19" MTM USA Bimotos.  Catch it at Euro Tripper too, along with some other MTM-enhanced Audis.