A Hideaway in Miami / by Kayla Anne

Miami. A city that has different meanings for different people. Whether you’re a fan of the sand, people, and parties on Miami Beach; the ominous high-rises in Brickell, representing world-class business and real estate in a city of Vices; or maybe, you’re a rebel at heart and you call Miami Design District, or the wonderful atmosphere of Wynwood home, Miami inspires creativity, art, and individualism to blossom and prosper, free of charge. Our goal for the day was to take the MTM Audi S8 Talladega R, alongside the MTM Audi RS3 to various backdrops. Fortunately, these beasts showed that they have no trouble blending in, regardless of environment.

The day began at Jose's house to meet up and jump in the Audi's. From there, we headed down to Blue Bottle Coffee in Miami Design District, for breakfast. A recommendation to anyone who has not been there before. After grabbing breakfast, we went out to Miami Art District to see the Wynwood Walls to see the art and capture the cars with the walls. In Wynwood, artists use the walls as a canvas for their unique and creative work. Designs vary and are changing constantly. every building has something interesting or trending. Check out some of the work in the pictures below.

Next destination was under the McArthur Causeway Bridge for pictures with the Audi's and Aaron's Porsche GT4. Right there was a gorgeous view of the water and buildings combined. The water was absolutely beautiful. One of the most important things about Miami is how it is surrounded by beaches and water. Deep blue water with reflection of the sky contributing. 

Next stop, was dinner time. City Centre in Brickell. Basically, an out door mall with multiple floors of big name brand companies for mostly fashion and fancy restaurants. As per Jose's choice of a favorite place of his, we went to Casa Tua Cucina. A restaurant with multiple mini kitchens with different choices of food to choose from: bread, pasta, pizza, meat, deli, dessert. Pasta was the choice of the night.

The time had come to head back home. We took A1A through South Beach all the way back to Jose's. The night life on South Beach is what every one outside of South Florida hears about, the party side. So many different lights of all colours from all of the buildings. Many unique people walking along the restaurants and stores. You could smell the food of some of the restaurants, all of which, smelled amazing. All sorts of expensive, high model cars lined the street. The music changed as well passed each block; latin, hip-hop, rap was the most common genres. 

Find some images and a video from this day check bellow.