European Experience 2018 | Savannah, GA / by Adam Sheikh

Each year, European car enthusiasts from all over descend upon Savannah, Georgia for a massive show weekend known as The European Experience.  EuEx for short, the show is an evolution of Southern Wörthersee (SoWo), which started as a tribute to the original Wörtherseetreffen that takes place in Austria every year.

Last year, Orlando and I attended the show for the first time.  Hesitant to make the 450 mile drive in one of our cars, we opted to fly into Jacksonville before renting a Chevy Cruze and driving the rest of the way.  We had a great time for sure, but something was definitely missing from the overall experience.  With that in mind, I knew I had to return this year with my car.

As predicted, experiencing the show weekend in my own car added an entirely new dynamic to the whole trip.  Cruising Bay St with all the other VWs/Audis, driving through the historic district, going for a lap of the cobble stoned River St; it was all entirely more rewarding and memorable.  Perhaps the most enjoyable part was some late night photo scouting around the area, and taking advantage of the historic and unique backdrops that the city provides.  

All told, it was another great trip to an amazing city.  It was awesome to connect with friends, both new and old, over something we're all passionate about.  Of course, I took tons of photos - enjoy the gallery below.

--- Adam Sheikh