2014 RS5 | A TRUE LOVE STORY by Jose Cortez

In 2014 I bought my first car, a 2014 RS5. 

I had gone in to buy 2014 S4 and somehow ended up in an RS5. 

  • The spec:
    • Sepang Blue pearl effect
    • 20" Rotor Design Wheels
    • Sports Exhaust
    • Black Nappa interior 
    • Dynamic Steering 

It was an amazing car, powerful enough for my liking and safe enough with all wheel drive. I had the roof wrapped in gloss black by a local shop; he also did the aluminum optics look on the splitter and diffuser. I went back later and had the brakes wrapped in reflective red and (the most hated thing I did to this car) the "eyeliner" aluminum wrap on the front. Before you say something, I hate it now too. 

The only other mod (besides some cosmetic stuff) I had done to the car was a resonator delete. Ohh god did it sound good. Especially when shifting at 8500 RPM. 

Now on to the reason I sold it. Very simple - the brakes. The brakes had a very bad habit of warping. First time this was an issue was around 9k miles into ownership. I had the brakes replaced under warranty with no problem. It started to become an issue with the second set only lasting 1000 miles (about two weeks of driving). The same happened with the following set and the following set, and the following set... and the following set. I ended up having to sell the car because I could drive it for 2 weeks and then wouldn't have it for the following 2 weeks due to scarcity of parts. Very annoying to pay for a car that you can only use 50% of the time. So this car was sold for my '16 Golf R (that was wrapped satin white) which was later sold for my W204 AMG. 

Check out bellow for some pics.

W204 C63 | Why I love it so much. by Jose Cortez

On March 22nd 2016, I bought one of my dream cars. A 2013 C63 AMG Coupe with P31 AMG Development Package. 481HP 6.2L V8 (Internal code: M156). From day 1 I loved this car. I am a sucker for V8s and Naturally Aspirated engines, and this was the holy grail. A V8 handbuilt in Affalterbach, Germany with the sound meant for the gods. 


Why? I've owned a W205 C63 as well, that car came during a time while I still had the W204. However, as much as the new car on paper was better than the W204, I LOVED the W204. So what was it? Very simply put, it was the engine. The old 6.2L had this magical way of revving and delivering power, that the new 4.0TT can not match. The new cars transmission is 1 million years ahead of the old one, still, I do not care. The 6.2L made me justify every shortcoming of the W204, and there was a lot of those. For example: The infotainment sucked bad, the transmission was slow, the car wasn't particularly fast compared to new AMGs, Interior was getting old, and the body did not really look any different to a C250. 

It is safe to say, that I will be looking for another W204 C63, but this time I want it be a black series. 


The Porsche Bug. by Jose Cortez

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with cars. My mother tells stories of me sitting in the car seat and being mesmerized by the spinning of a car's wheels. Growing up, I was obsessed with Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and even Aston Martins. However I never cared for Porsche, specially the 911. It seemed like a company had been building the same car forever. I remember telling my friend a 997 GT3 RS was an "ok" car. This changed.

 911 GT3 photographer by Adam Sheikh

911 GT3 photographer by Adam Sheikh

As I grew older, I got the opportunity to purchase a 911 GTS Club Coupe, and a Boxster Spyder. Before I went through with it, I asked to drive a regular 991 911 GTS. My world would forever be changed. Salesman pulls up in a beautiful white GTS with red interior. I get in the drivers seat, and immediately realize this ain't no "GT" car this is a sports car. I immediately press every single sport, and suspension button there is. Pull out of the lot, after letting the car warm up of course, I proceeded to wind out the 3.8 Flat 6 to its redline. 1 redline, thats all it took, I had the Porsche bug. 

 911 GTS Club Coupe photographed by Adam Sheikh

911 GTS Club Coupe photographed by Adam Sheikh

Its a 911. Yes, thats why its perfect. Porsche didn't make the same car for 50 years, they perfected a car for 50 years. Thats why its so good, and why so many people swear by them. They've built the perfect sports car. Nowadays, when I drive my Club Coupe, or any other Porsche (sportscar) for that matter. They get under my skin, the sound of the flat six, the shifts of the transmission whether it be PDK or Manual. Porsche engineered a car so perfect, it has its own soul. Good game Porsche, my bank account hates me thanks to you.

Can love be rational? I don't know but I need more Porsche's in my life. 

 Porsches photographed by Adam Sheikh

Porsches photographed by Adam Sheikh